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Patrick Kavanagh

Was an Irish poet and novelist. His best-known works include the novel Tarry Flynn, and the poems “On Raglan Road” and “The Great Hunger”. He is known for his accounts of Irish life through reference to the everyday and commonplace.


Flann O'Brien

Was an Irish novelist, playwright and satirist, considered a major figure in twentieth century Irish literature. He is regarded as a key figure in modernist and postmodern literature.


Brendan Behan

Brendan was an Irish poet, short story writer, novelist and playwright who wrote in both English and Irish. He was named by Irish Central as one of the greatest Irish writers of all time.


James Joyce

The Irish novelist, short story writer, poet and literary critic. He contributed to the modernist avant-garde movement and is regarded as one of the most influential and important writers of the 20th century.

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