A Few Penny Readings with Other Scraps by the Author of “Sanitary Rhymes” – Sir Alfred Power MD

Rare Nineteenth Century Publication




Title: A Few Penny Readings with Other Scraps by …

Publisher: T. Richards 37, Great Queen Street, London

Publication Date: 1874

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

Edition: 1st Edition Hardcover black boards with titles in gold on front cover. A Few Penny Readings with Other Scraps is a collection of literary works compiled by the author Sir Alfred Power, MD. The book was printed in 1874 by T. Richards in London1. It contains a delightful blend of prose and verse, offering readers a medley of literary delights. The sixteenth piece is based on The Irish Exodus of 1863-64 on the tug The Willing Mind. Power (1805-88), and gives a poignant image of the hardship endured. “The Rail-car sweeps them off amain To the Cove of Cork, and there they find Moor’d fast and waiting for the train A Steam Tug called THE WILLING MIND” Scarce Collector’s Item.