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Seoighe, Mainchín

Maríodh Seán Sabhat Aréir: Sáirséal agus Dill, Baile Átha Chliath, 1964. An Chéad Chló


Salkeld, Blanaid

Hello Eternity! Mathews and Marrot, London, 1933. First Edition {No DJ}


Sayers, Peig {1893-1958}

Labharfad Le Cách-Eagairtheóirí Bo Almqvist agus Pádraig Ó Héalaí: New Island, Baile Atha Chliath,

2009. An Chéad Chló


Severin, Tim
The Brendan Voyage: Hutchinson, London, 1978. First Edition

In Search of Moby Dick: Little Brown, London, 1999. First Edition
Seeking Robinson Crusoe: Macmillan, London, 2002. First Edition, Signed


Shaw, George Bernard {1856-1950}
About George Bernard Shaw
Bernard Shaw- His Life and Personality by Hesketh Pearson: Methuen, London, 1961. Ex. Lib.
1. The Search for Love-Biography by Michael Hoiroyd: Random House, New York, 1988. First Edition
2. The Pursuit of Power-Biography by Michael Holroyd: Chatto & Windus, London, 1989. First Edition
3. The Lure of Fantasy-Biography by Michael Hoiroyd: Chatto & Windus, London, 1991. First Edition

4 & 5. The Last Laugh, Complete Notes, Cumulative Index by Michael Holroyd: Chatto & Windus,

London, 1992. First Edition


Sheehan, Ronan

Foley’s Asia: The Lilliput Press, Dublin, 1999. First Edition


Sheridan, John D.
While the Humour is on me: The Talbot Press Ltd., Dublin, 1954. First Edition, Signed


Sheridan, Peter

44: Macmillan, London, 1999. First Edition


Sheridan, Richard Brinsley {1751-1816}
The Works in Two Volumes: John Murray, London, 1821
About Richard Brinsley Sheridan
A Portrait of Sheridan by Stanley Ayling: Constable, London, 1985. First Edition
Sheridan-A Life by Linda Kelly: Sinclair-Stevenson, London 1997. First Edition
A Traitor's Kiss by Fintan O’Toole*: Granta Books, London, 1997. First Edition


Nic Shiubhlaigh, Maire

The Splendid Years: Abbey Theatre, 1955. First Edition


Sigerson, George {1836-1925}

George Sigerson, Poet, Patriot, Scientist and Scholar by Ken McGilloway: Stair Uladh,

Ulster Historical Foundation, 2011. First Edition

Simmons, James {1933-2001}
Ten Irish Poets: Carcanet Press, Cheadle, 1974. First Edition PB

Poems 1956-1986: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1986. First Edition


Sirr, Peter
Marginal Zones: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1984. First Edition

Selected Poems 1982-2004:  Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2004. First Edition, Signed
Nonetheless: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2004, First Edition, Signed

The Thing Is: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2009. First Edition


Smith, Seamus

Off Screen- A Memoir: Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 2007. First Edition Signed


Somerville & Ross

The Irish R.M. Complete: Faber & Faber, London, 1956. First “Complete” Edition

The Irish Scene in Somerville & Ross by Julie Anne Stevens: Irish Academic Press, Dublin,

2007. First Edition

The Selected Letters of Somerville & Ross edited by Gifford Lewis: Faber & Faber, London,

1989. First Edition


Standún, Pádraig

A.D. 2016: Cló Chonamara, Na hAille Indreabhán, Co. na Gaillimhe, 1988. An Chéad Chló


Stephens, James {1880-1950}
Etched in Moonlight: Macmillan& Co., London,1928. First Edition

A Singing Wind: Macmillan & Co., London, 1968. First Edition


Sterne, Laurence {1713-1768}
Tristram Shandy, Gentleman: Houghton Miffin Co., Boston, 1965. PB
About Laurence Sterne
The Winged Skull, Essays on Laurence Sterne edited by Arthur H. Cash and
John M. Stedmond: Methuen & Co., London, 1971. First Edition
Laurence Sterne-A Life by Ian Campbell Ross: Oxford University Press, 2001, First Edition. PB

Stoker, Bram {1847-1912}
Dracula: Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1931. First Thus

The New Annotated Dracula: Norton & Co., New York, London, 2008. First Edition


About Bram Stoker
From the Shadow of Dracula by Paul Murray: Jonathan Cape, London, 2004. First Edition

Strong, L.A.G. {1896-1958}

The Minstrel Boy: Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1937. First Edition


Stuart, Francis {1902-2000}
Pigeon Irish: Macmillan, New York, 1932: First Edition
The Coloured Dome: Macmillan, New York, 1933. First Edition
Memorial: Martin Brian & O’Keeffe, London, 1973. First Edition
The Pillar of Cloud: Martin Brian & O’Keeffe, London, 1974. First Thus Ex. Lib.
Black List Section H: Martin Brian & O’Keeffe, London, 1975. First Edition
A Hole in the Head:  Martin Brian & O’Keeffe, London, 1977. First Edition
Faillandia: Raven Arts Press, Dublin, 1985. First Edition PB
We Have Kept The Faith: Raven Arts Press, Dublin, 1992. First Edition Thus
Redemption: New Island Books, Dublin, 1994. PB


About Francis Stuart
Francis Stuart Face to Face-A Critical Study by Anne McCartney: Institute of
Irish Studies, Belfast, 2000. First Edition
Francis Stuart Artist and Outcast by Kevin Kiely: Liffey Press, Dublin, 2007. First Edition PB


Swan, Harry Percival

Highlights of Ireland’s Story: Dundalgan Press, Dundalk, 1969. First Edition


Sweeney, Eamonn
Waiting for the Healer: Picador, London, 1997. First Edition


Swift, Jonathan {1667-1745}
The Selected Poems edited by A. Norman Jeffares: Kyle Cathie, Ltd., London 1996. PB

Bums, Farts & Other Inappropriate Acts: Lilliput Press, Dublin, 2009. First Edition PB

The Essential Writings: Norton & Co., New York, London, 2010. First Edition PB


About Jonathan Swift:

In Search of Swift by Denis Johnson: Hodges Figgis, Dublin, 1959. First Edition

Cadenus by Sybil Le Brocquy: The Dolmen Press, Dublin, 1962. First Edition

Swift's Most Valuable Friend: Dolmen Press, Dublin, 1968. First Edition
The Poetry of Jonathan Swift: by Peter J. Schakel: University of Wisconsin Press,
1978. First Edition
Jonathan Swift -A Hypocrite Reversed by David Nokes: Oxford University Press,
1985. First Edition
Jonathan Swift-The Irish Identity by Robert Mahoney: Yale University Press, New
Haven & London,
1995. First Edition

Jonathan Swift by Victoria Glendinning: Hutchinson, London, 1998. First
Cadenus & Swift’s Most Valuable Friend by Sybil Le Brocquy: The Lilliput
Press, Dublin 2003. First Edition PB as issued

Synge, J.M. {1871-1909}
Complete Works: Random House, New York, 1936. First Thus

Collected Works I – Poems: Robin Skelton, Oxford, London, 1962. First Edition

Collected Works II – Prose: Alan Price, Oxford, 1966,. First Edition

Collected Works III - Plays Book 1: Ann Saddlemeyer, Oxford, London, 1968. First Edition

Collected Works IV - Plays Book II: Ann Saddlemeyer, Oxford, London, 1968. First Edition


Four Plays: Macmillan, London, 1992. First Thus. PB

About Synge
J.M. Synge Exhibition Catalogue, Trinity College Dublin MCMLIX: Dolmen Press, Dublin,

1959. {50th Anniversary of his death}PB

Synge & Anglo-Irish Drama by Alan Price: Methuen, London, 1961. First Edition

The Playboy Riots by James Kilroy: Dolmen Press, Dublin, 1971. First Edition PB

My Uncle John- Edward Stephen’s Life of J.M. Synge: Oxford University
Press, London, 1974. First Edition

Fool of the Family by W.J. McCormack: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 2000. First Edition

Interpreting Synge-Essays from the Synge Summer School 1991-2000, edited
by Nicholas Greene: The Lilliput Press, Dublin, 2000.First Edition. Signed

Travelling Ireland, Essays 1898-1908, Ed. by Nicholas Greene: The Lilliput Press, Dublin,

2009, First Edition


Thomson, David

Woodbrook: Barrie & Jenkins, London, 1975. Reprint from 1974

Woodbrook: Universe Books, New York, 1976. First American Edition

Woodbrook: Vintage, London, 1996. PB


Thurston, Tim

Gloria: Associated Editions and RTE, Dublin, 2011. First Edition with CD


Tillyard, Stella
Citizen Lord-Edward Fitzgerald, 1763-1798: Chatto & Windus, London, 1997. First Edition


Tóibin, Colm
Walking along the Border: Macdonald Queen Anne Press, 1987. First Edition, Signed
The South: Viking, New York, 1990. First American Edition, Ex. Lib. Signed
The Heather Blazing: Picador, London, 1992. First Edition, 2nd Printing, Signed
The Sign of the Cross: Jonathan Cape, London, 1994. First Edition, Signed
The Story of the Night: Picador, London, 1996. First Edition, Signed

The Kilfenora Teaboy {P.Durcan}: New Island Books, Dublin, 1996. First Edition PB
The Modem Library: Picador, London, 1999. First Edition, 2
nd Printing
The Blackwater Lightship: Picador, London, 1999. First Edition, Signed
The Penguin Book of Irish Fiction: Viking, 1999. First Edition
Love in a Dark Time: Picador, London, 2001. First Edition
Lady Gregory's Toothbrush: Lilliput, Dublin, 2002. First Edition
The Master: Picador, London, 2004. First Edition, 2nd Printing, Signed
Mothers and Sons: Picador, London, 2006. First Edition, Signed

Brooklyn: Penguin/Viking, London, 2009. First Edition

The Empty Family: Penguin/Viking, London, 2010. First Edition


Trench, W. Steuart {1808-1872}

Realities of Irish Life: Macgibbon & Kee, London, 1966. Preface by Patrick Kavanagh

Trevor, William

Short Stories
The Day We Got Drunk On Cake: The Viking Press, New York, 1967. First
Edition Ex. Lib.

The Ballroom of Romance: Bodley Head, London, 1972. First Edition Ex. Lib.
Angels of the Ritz: Bodley Head, London, 1975. First Edition
Lovers of their Time: Bodley Head, London, 1978. First Edition
Beyond the Pale: Bodley Head, London, 1981. First Edition
The News from Ireland: Bodley Head, London, 1986. First Edition
Family Sins: Bodley Head, London, 1990. First Edition
After Rain: Viking, London, 1996. First Edition
The Hill Bachelors: Viking, London, 2000. First Edition
A Bit on the Side: Viking, London, 2004.
Cheating at Canasta: Viking, London, 2007. First Edition


Longer Fiction

Mrs Eckdorf in O'Neill's Hotel: Bodley Head, London, 1969. First Edition Ex. Lib.
Nights at the Alexandra: Hutchinson, London, 1987. First Edition
The Silence in the Garden: Bodley Head, London, 1988. First Edition
Reading Turgenev: Viking, London, 1991. First Edition
Two Lives: Guild Publishing, London, 1991. First Edition
Felicia's Journey: Viking, London, 1994. First Edition

Death in Summer: Viking, London, 1998. First Edition
The Story of Lucy Gault: Viking, London, 2002.

Love and Summer: Penguin/Viking, London, 2009. First Edition


William Trevor-A Writer's Ireland: The Viking Press, New York, 1984. First Edition


William Trevor-A Study of the Short Fiction by Suzanne Morrow Paulson
Twayne, New York, 1993. First Edition

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