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Hanly, David
In Guilt and in Glory: Hutchinson, London, 1979. First Edition


Hamilton, Hugo
Surrogate City: Faber & Faber, London, 1990. First Edition, Signed
The Last Shot: Faber & Faber, London, 1991. First Edition

Headbanger: Secker & Warburg, London, 1996. First Edition

The Speckled People: Fourth Estate, London, 2003. First Edition

The Sailor in the Wardrobe: Fourth Estate, London, 2006. First Edition


Hand, William

Fair City: Clonmore & Reynolds Ltd., Dublin, 1946. First Edition


Harbison, Peter

Pre-Christian Ireland: Thames & Hudson, 1998.


Hardie, Kerry

Only This Room: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2009. First Edition. Signed

Selected Poems: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2011. First Edition. Signed


Hartnett, Michael {1941-1999}
Anatomy of a Clich: The Dolmen Press, Dublin, 1968. First Edition PB/DJ
Selected Poems: New Writers' Press, Dublin, 1970. First Edition PB
Tao: New Writers' Press, Dublin, 1971. First Edition

Gipsy Ballads: The Goldsmith Press, Dublin, 1973. First Edition Ex. Lib. PB
The Naked Surgeon: Purple Heron, Unique, signed copy with illustrations.
A Farewell to English: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1975. First Edition-signed {Ex. Lib}

The Retreat of Ita Cagney/Culu Ide: Goldsmith Press, Ireland, 1975. First Edition
Poems in English: The Dolmen Press, Dublin, 1977. First Edition

Prisoners: Deerfield Press/Gallery Press, Dublin, 1977. One of 250 Copies. Signed

Adharca Broic: The Gallery Press, Dublin, 1978. First Edition

An Phurgóid: Coisceim, Baile Atha Cliath, 1982. First Edition, Wraps
Collected Poems Volume 1: Raven Arts/Carcanet 1984/1985. First Edition PB
Inchicore Haiku: Raven Arts Press, Dublin, 1985. First Edition
O’Bruadair: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1985. First Edition

An Lia Nocht: Coisceim, Baile Atha Chliath, 1985. An Chéad Chló.
Collected Poems Volume 2: Raven Arts/Carcanet 1986/1987. First Edition PB
A Necklace of Wrens: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1987 First Edition PB
Poems to Younger Women: Gallery Books, 1988. First Edition
Poems to Younger Women: Gallery Books, 1988. First Edition PB signed with dedication from the author.

Michael Hartnett Morte Di Una Donna Irlandese E Altre Poesie: Bergamo,
1988 with coloured illustrations by Lucia Pescador. signed by Michael Hartnett
A Farewell to English: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1991. PB
The Killing of Dreams: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1992. First Edition PB

Haicad: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1993. First Edition
Selected and New Poems: Gallery Books, Lougherew, 1994. First Edition- signed
O'Rathaille: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1998. First Edition
Collected Poems: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2001. First Edition signed by Peter Fallon
A Book of Strays: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2002. First Edition
Translations: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2003. First Edition


About Hartnett
Remembering Michael Hartnett: Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2006. First Edition

Notes from his Contemporaries-A Tribute to Michael Hartnett: self published by Niall Hartnett: Lulu Inc.,

USA. 2009. First Edition PB


Haverty, Anne
The Far Side of a Kiss: Chatto & Windus, London, 2000. First Edition


Healy, Dermot
Banished Misfortune: Brandon, Ireland,1982. First Edition
A Goat's Song: Harvill Press, London, 1994. First Edition
The Bend for Home: The Harvill Press, London, 1996. First Edition
Sudden Times: Harcourt, New York, 1999. First Edition

A Fool's Errand: Gallery Books. Loughcrew, 2010. First Edition


Healy, James N.
Percy French and His Songs: The Mercier Press, Cork, 1966. First Edition


Heaney, Seamus
Death of a Naturalist: Faber, London, 1966. First Edition, 3rd printing, signed
Door into the Dark: Faber, London, 1969. First Edition, Reprint, Ex. Lib., signed

Door into the Dark: Faber, London, 1969. First Edition, signed
Wintering Out: Faber, London, 1972.  Reprint 1973, signed
North: Faber, London,
1975. First Edition, signed
Field Work: Faber, London, 1979. First Edition, signed
Field Work: Farrar- Strauss, New York, 1979. First Edition, Ex. Lib., signed
Preoccupations: Faber, London, 1980. First Edition, Ex-Lib., signed
Selected Poems 1965-1975: Faber, London, 1980. First Edition, signed
The Rattle Bag: Faber, London, 1982. PB. signed
Station Island: Faber, London, 1984. First Edition, signed
Sweeney Astray: Faber, London, 1984. First Edition, signed
The Haw Lantern: Faber, London, 1987. First Edition, signed
The Government of the Tongue: Faber, London, 1988. First Edition, signed
The Place of Writing: Scholar's Press Atlanta, 1989. First Edition, signed
The Cure at Troy: Field Day, Deny, 1990. Limited to 500 Copies signed by the
author. This is No. 192.
The Cure at Troy: Farrar, Strauss, 1991. First US Edition, signed
Seeing Things: Faber, London, 1991. First Edition, signed.
Sweeney's Flight: Faber, London, 1992. First Edition, signed
The Redress of Poetry: Faber, London, 1995. First Edition
2nd printing, signed

Crediting Poetry:The Gallery Press, Loughrew, 1995. First Ed. PB, signed
The Spirit Level: Faber, London, 1996. First Edition, signed
The School Bag: Faber, London, 1997. First Edition, sined
Opened Ground: Faber, London, 1998. First Edition, 2" Printing, signed
Beowoif: Faber, London, 1999. First Edition, signed
Diary of One Who Vanished: Faber, London, 1999. First Edition Wraps, signed
The Midnight Verdict: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1993/2000. PB
Electric Light: Faber, London, 2001. First Edition, signed
Finders Keepers: Faber, London, 2002. First Edition, signed
The Burial at Thebes: Faber, London, 2004. First Edition, signed
Anything Can Happen: Townhouse, Dublin, 2004. First Edition in Wraps,
District and Circle: Faber, London, 2006. First Edition, signed.
The Riverbank Field: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2007. No.231, Limited
Edition, signed
Articulations: Royal Irish Academy, 2008. No.518-Limited Edition, signed
Beowoif: Norton, New York, London, 2008. First Edition PB, signed
Spelling It Out {in honour of Brian Friel on his 80th Birthday}: The Gallery
Press, Loughcrew, 2009. Limited Edition. signed

The Testament of Cresseid & Seven Fables:{Robert Henryson}: Faber, London, 2009 First Edition

Human Chain: Faber, London, 2010. First Edition


About Seamus Heaney
Seamus Heaney by Helen Vendler: Harper Collins, 1998. First Edition

The Art of Seamus Heaney edited by Tony Curtis: Wolfhound Press, Fourth Edition, 2001. PB

A Bibliography 1959-2003: Faber & Faber, London, 2008. First Edition, signed


Hearn, Lafcadio {1850-1904}
Lafcadio Hearn, His Life, Work and Irish Background: Ireland Japan
Association, 1991. First Edition PB.
Japan’s Greatest Interpreter: Japan Library Ltd., Kent, 1992. First Edition
Irish Writing on Lafcadio Hearn edited by Sean Ronan: Global Oriental, Kent,
1997. First Edition


Hederman, Mark Patrick
The Haunted Inkwell: The Columba Press, Dublin, 2001. First Edition PB as issued


Hegarty, Neil

Dublin-A View from the Ground: Portrait, London, 2007. First Edition


Hewitt, John {1907-1987}
Collected Poems 1932-67: MacGibbon & Kee, London, 1968. First Edition


Higgins, Aidan
Felo De Se: John Calder, London, 1960. First Edition
Langrishe, Go Down: Calder and Boyars, London, 1966. First Edition

Balcony of Europe: Calder & Boyars, London, 1972. First Edition

Bornholm Night Ferry: Alison & Busby Ltd., London, 1983. First Edition
Ronda Gorge & Other Precipices: Secker & Warburg, London, 1989. First Edition
Helsinger Station & Other Departures: Secker & Warburg, London, 1989. First Edition

Donkey's Years: Secker & Warburg, London, 1995. First Edition
Dog Days: Secker & Warburg, London, 1998. First Edition

Windy Arbours-Collected Criticism: Dalkey Archive, London, 2006. PB


Higgins, F.R. {1896-1941}

The 39 Poems: Edited by Dardis Clarke, Bridge Press, Dublin, 1992. PB


Higgins, Rita Ann

Philomena's Revenge: Salmon Poetry, Galway, 1992. First Edition

Sunny Side Plucked: Bloodaxe Books, Newcastle, 1996. First Edition


Hill, Judith
Irish Public Sculpture: Four Courts Press, Dublin, 198. First Edition


Hogan, Desmond
The Ikon Maker: Writers and Readers Publishing Cooperative, 1979.

The Leaves on Grey: Hamish Hamilton, London, 1980. First Edition

Lebanon Lodge: Faber & Faber, London, 1988. First Edition
The Edge of the City: Lilliput Press, Dublin, 1993. First Edition

Lark’s Eggs: Lilliput Press, Dublin, 2005. First Edition

Old Swords and Other Stories: Lilliput Press, Dublin, 2009. First Edition


Hogan, Robert

After the Irish Renaissance: Macmillan, London, 1968. First Edition. Ex. Lib.


Holloway, Joseph

Joseph Holloway's Abbey Theatre: Southern Illinois University Press, 1967. First Edition


Hopkins, Gerard Manley {1844-1889}
Selected Poetry: Oxford University Press, 1996. First Thus PB as issued


About Hopkins:

Gerard  Manley Hopkins-A Life by Eleanor Ruggles: Bodley Head, London, 1947. First Edition


Houlihan, Con
Con: Sportsworld, Dublin, 1975. First Edition


Hughes, John
Negotiations with the Chill Wind: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1991. First Edition


Hughes, Ted {1930-1998}
Crow: Faber & Faber, London, 1970. First Edition, 2nd Imp.

A Choice of Shakespeare's Verse: Faber & Faber, London, 1971. First Edition

Tales from Ovid: Faber, London, 1997. PB
Birthday Letters: Faber, London, 1998
Alcestis: Faber
& Faber, London, 1999. First Edition
Collected Poems: Faber, London, 2003. First Edition
Selected Translations: Faber, London, 2006. First Edition


About Ted Hughes
The Life of a Poet by Elaine Feinstein: Weidenfeld
& Nicholson, London, 2001. First Edition


Hutchinson, Pearse
Tongue without Hands: The Dolmen Press, Dublin, 1963. Fist Edition
Watching the Morning Grow: Gallery Press, Dublin, 1972. First Edition PB/DJ

Watching the Morning Grow: Gallery Press, Dublin, 1972. First Edition. One of 300 signed copies.

Collected Poems: Gallery Press, Loughcrew, 2002. First Edition
Done Into English: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2003. First Edition
At Least for a While: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2008. First Edition

Hyde, Douglas

I Believed: Reprint Society, London, 1952.


Igoe, Vivien
A Literary Guide to Dublin: Methuen, London, 1999. First Reprint PB as issued


Innes, C.L.
Woman and Nation in Irish Literature and Society, 1880-1935: Harvester
Wheatsheaf, New York, 1993. First Edition-No DJ as issued


Iremonger, Valentin {1918-1991}

Horan's Field and other Reservations: Dolmen, Dublin, 1972. First edition


Jeffares, A. Norman

An Irish Childhood: Collins, London, 1987. First Edition
W.R Yeats-A New Biography: Hutchinson, London, 1988. First Edition


Jenkinson, Biddy

Rogha Danta: Cork University Press, 2000. First Edition


Jennet: Sean

Munster: Faber & Faber, London, 1967. First Edition


Johnston, Denis {1901-1984}
In Search of Swift: Hodges Figgis, Dublin, 1959. First Edition

Orders and Desecrations-The life of the Playwright Denis Johnson: Lilliput Press, Dublin, 1992.

First Edition


Johnston, Jennifer
The Captains and the Kings: Hamish Hamilton, London, 1972. First Edition
How Many Miles to Babylon: Hamish Hamilton, London, 1974. First Edition
The Railway Station Man: Hamish Hamilton, London, 1984. First Edition
Two Moons: Review, Hodder Headline, London, 1998. First Edition
The Gingerbread Woman: Review, Headline Book Publishing, London, 2000. First Edition

This is not a Novel: Review, Headline Book Publishing, London, 2002. First Edition

Truth or Fiction: Headline, London, 2009. First Edition


Jones, Howard Mumford

The Harp that Once: Henry Holt, New York, 1937. First Edition. No DJ


Jordan, Jane
Kitty O’Shea-An Irish Affair: Sutton Publishing, Stroud, Gloucestershire, 2005. Fist Edition


Jordan, John {1930-1988}
Patrician Stations: New Writer’s Press, Dublin, 1971. First Edition, Signed Wraps
A Raft from Flotsam: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1975.First Edition. Wraps
Selected Poems: Dethius Press, Dublin, 2008. First Edition
Crystal Clear-The Selected Prose edited by Hugh McFadden: The Lilliput Press, Dublin, 2006.

PB as issued


Jordan, Neil
The Past: Jonathan Cape, London, 1981. First Edition,
2ndPrinting, Signed

Sunrise with Sea Monster: Chatto & Windus, London, 1994. First Edition 2ndPrinting, Signed
Shade: John Murray, London, 2004. First Edition,
2nd Printing, Signed

Mistaken: John Murray, London, 2012. First Edition


Joyce, James {1882-1941}
Ulysses: Bodley Head, London, 1958.
Stephen Hero: Jonathan Cape, London, 1956.
Dubliners: Jonathan Cape, London, 1971
A Portrait of the Artist: Jonathan Cape, London, 1952
Finnegan’s Wake: Faber & Faber, London, 1960
Poems & Shorter Writings: Faber & Faber, London, 1991. First Edition
Ulysses: Penguin Books, London, 1992. PB
Joyce Choice, Poems in Verse and Prose: 1992. First Edition PB
Occasional, Critical, and Political Writing: Oxford University Press, 2000. First Edition PB.


About James Joyce
James Joyce and His World Illustrated: Viking, London, 1967. First Edition

James Joyce by Richard Ellmann: Oxford University Press, 1983. PB
James Joyce-An International Perspective ed. Suheil Badi Bushrui and Bernard
Benstock: Cohn Smythe, Barnes & Noble, 1982. First Edition
A Portrait of the Artist by Stan Gebler Davies: Davis- Poynter, London, 1975. First Edition

Musical Allusions in the Works of James Joyce by Zack Bowen: Gill & Macmillan, Dublin,

1975. First Edition

Dubliners –A Pluralistic World by Craig Hansen Werner, Twayne Publishers, Boston,

1988. First Edition

James Joyce-The Years of Growth, 1882-19 15 by Peter Costello: Kyle Cathie Ltd., London,

1992. First Edition
James Joyce’s Dublin Houses by Vivien Igoe: Wolfhound Press, 1997. PB

The Joycean Year: Irish University Review, Dublin, 1982. First Edition

Joyce in Art by Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes: Lilliput Press, Dublin, 2004. First Edition PB

A Night at the Majestic: Faber, London, 2006. First Edition

James Joyce by Gordon Bowker: Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London, 2011. First Edition, 3rd Imp.

Literary Criticism- James Joyce
Ulysses-A study by Stuart Gilbert: Faber & Faber, London, 1932. Second Edition
James Joyce by Harry Levin: Faber & Faber, London, 1964. First Edition, 2
nd Imp.
Twelve and a Tilly- Essays on Finnegan’s Wake: Faber, London, 1966. First Edition, Ex Lib.
A Reader’s Guide to Finnegan’s Wake: Thames & Hudson, London, 1969. First Edition
Leopold Bloom A Biography y Peter Costello: Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 1981.First Edition
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man-Voices of the Text by Marguerite Harkness, Twayne Publishers,

Boston, 1990. First Edition
The New Bloomsday Book by Harry Blamires: Routledge, London, 1994. PB
Ulysses-The Cast of Characters by Paul Schwaber: Yale University Press, 1996. First Edition
The Cambridge Companion to James Joyce: Cambridge, 1997. PB
Sernicolonial Joyce: Cambridge University Press, 2000. First Edition PB
Joycean Murmoirs-Fritz Senn on James Joyce: Lilliput Press, Dublin, 2007. First Edition

Joyce & Wagner by Sidorella Risto: Globus R., Tirana, 2008. First Edition PB.

Roll Away the Reel World-James Joyce and Cinema: Cork University Press, 2010. First Edition


Joyce, P.W.

Irish Local Names Explained: Roberts Books, Dublin, 1923/1996.3



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