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Callanan, Frank

T. M. Healy: Cork University Press, 1996. First Edition


Caprani, Vincent

Rowdy Rhymes: Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 2011. First thus.


Carleton, William {1794-1869}
Traits & Stories of the Irish Peasantry Volume 1: Cohn Smythe, Gerrards Cross, 1990. PB

Traits & Stories of the Irish Peasantry Volume 2: CoIm Smythe, Gerrards Cross, 1990. PB


About William Carleton:
The Life of William Carleton being his Autobiography Volume 11: Downey &
Co., London, 1896. First Thus


Carr, Marina
The Mai: Gallery Books, Lougherew, 1995. First Edition, Signed
Portia Coughian: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1998.First Revised Edition PB, Signed
By the Bog of Cats: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1998. First Edition PB, Signed

Ariel: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2002. First Edition, Signed

Woman and Scarecrow: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2006. First Edition, Signed
The Cordelia Dream: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2008. First Edition, Signed
Marble: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2009. First Edition, Signed


Carson, Ciaran
First Language: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1993. First Edition
Opera et cetera: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1996. First Edition
The Twelfth of Never: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1998. First Edition

Shamrock Tea: Granta Books, London, 2001. First Edition

The Inferno of Dante Alighieri: Granta Books, London, 2002. First Edition

Breaking News: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2003. First Edition

The Midnight Court: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2005. First Edtion
The Táin: Penguin Classics, London, 2007, First Edition, Signed
Collected Poems: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2008. First Edition
For All We Know: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2008. First Edition

On the Night Watch: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2009. First Edition

Until Before After: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2010. First Edition


Carty, James

Ireland-From Grattan's Parliament to the Great Famine 1783-1850-A Documentary Record:

C.J. Fallon Ltd., Dublin, 1949. First Edition


Carty, Xavier

In Bloody Protest-The Tragedy of Patrick Pearse: Able Press, Dublin, 1978. First Edition PB


Casement, Roger {1864-1916}
The Amazon Journal edited by Angus Mitchell: The Lilliput Press, Dublin, 1997. First Edition


Chambers, Anne
Granuaile-The Life and Times of Grace O'Malley: Woifliound Press, Dublin, 1979. First Edition
Chieftain to Knight: Wolfhound Press, Dublin, 1983. First Edition
As Wicked a Woman-Eleanor Countess of Desmond: Wolfhound Press, Dublin
1986. First Edition, Signed

Adorable Diva-Margaret Burke Sheridan: Wolfhound Press, Dublin, 1989. First Edition Signed PB
At Arm's Length: New Island Books, Dublin, 2004. First Edition


Charlton, Maureen {1931-2007}
Lyrics from Nora Barnacle: Martello, Dublin, 1990. First Edition. PB as issued


Chesterton, G.K.

The Common Man: Sheed & Ward, London, 1950. First Edition


Childers, Erskine {1870-1922}
The Riddle of the Sands: The Charles E. Lauriat Co. Boston, 1935.


Clancy, Liam
Memoirs of an Irish Troubadour: Virgin Books, London, 2002. First Edition


Clarke, Austin {1896-1974}
Selected Poems: The Dolmen Press, Dublin, 1976. First Edition

A Penny in the Clouds: Moytura Press, Dublin, 1990. First Thus PB

Selected Poems: The Lilliput Press,1991. First Thus
Collected Poems: Carcanet Press, Manchester, 2008. First Thus PB

About Clarke
A Critical Introduction by Maurice Harmon: Woifliound Press, Dublin, 1989. First Edition

Austin Clarke Remembered: Edited by R. Dardis Clarke, Bridge Press, Dublin, 1996. PB


Clarke, Desmond {1907-1979}

Three Stories: Dolmen Press, Dublin, 1973. One of 500 Copies


Cleeve, Brian {1921-2003}
Death of a Painted Lady: Hammond, Hammond & Co., London, 1962. First  Edition
The Dark Side of the Sun: Cassell, London, 1973. First Edition
Sara: Cassell, London, 1976. First Edition
A View of the Irish: Buchan
and Enright, London,1983. First Edition


Clifton, Harry
The Walls of Carthage: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1977. First Edition
Office of the Salt Merchant: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1979. First Edition
Comparative Lives: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1982. First Edition
The Liberal Cage: Gallery Books, Loughrew, 1988. First Edition, Soft Cover,  DJ.
The Desert Route: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1992. First Edition, Signed
Berkeley’s Telephone & other fictions: Llliput Press, Dublin, 2000. First
Secular Eden: Wake Forest University Press, 2007. First Edition


Coady, Michael
Two for a Woman Three for a Man: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1980. First Edition,
Wrappers, Signed.
Oven Lane: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1987. First Edition PB
All Souls: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1997. First Edition PB
Full Tide: Relay Books, Nenagh, 1999. First Edition Wraps
One Another: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2003. First Edition

Going By Water: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2009. First Edition


Colfer, Eoin
The Arctic Incident: Puffin Books, London, 2002. First Edition, 4th Imp.
The Eternity Code: Puffin Books, London, 2003. First Edition

The Supernaturalist: Puffin Books, London, 2004. First Edition

Artemis Fowl: Viking, London, 2006. First Edition, 6th Imp.
The Time Paradox: Puffin Books, London, 2008. First Edition


Collings, Timothy

Eddie Jordan-The Biography: Virgin Books, London, 2002. First Edition


Collins, John

Life in Old Dublin: Tower Books, Cork, 1978. First Edition


Collins, Michael
The Meat Eaters: Jonathan Cape, London, 1992: First Edition
The Life and Times of a Teaboy: Phoenix House, London, 1994. First Edition
The Resurrectionists: Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 2002. First Edition,  2nd Imp.
The Secret Life of E. Robert Pendleton: Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London,
2006. First Edition


Colum, Padraic {1881-1972}
Poems: The Macmillan Co., New York, 1932. First Edition
Arthur Griffith: Brown & Nolan, Ltd., Dublin, 1959. First Edition

Selected Poems of Padraic Colum: Syracuse University Press, New York, 1989, First Edition Thus


Congreve, William {1670-1729}
Complete Plays edited by Alexander Charles Ewald: Ernest Benn Ltd., London, 1961


Coogan, Tim Pat
The IRA: Pall Mall Press, London, 1970. First Edition

Michael Collins-A Biography: Hutchinson, London, 1990.


Cooney, John

John Charles McQuaid: O’Brien Press Ltd, Dublin, 1999. First Edition


Corkery, Daniel {1878-1964}
The Hidden Ireland: M.H. Gill, Dublin 1956. First Edition, 4th Imp.


Cosgrave, Art
Dublin through the Ages: College Press, Dublin, 1988. First Edition


Cowell, John

No Profit but the Name-The Longfords and the Gate Theatre: O’Brien Press, Dublin, 1988. First Edition


Craig, Maurice {1919-2011}

Dublin 1660-1860: Cresset Press, London, 1952. First Edition Signed

The Architecture of Ireland: Batsford/ Eason, London/Dublin, 1982. First Edition

The Elephant and the Polish Question: The Lilliput Press, Dublin, 1990. First Edition

Cats and Their Poets: The Lilliput Press, Dublin, 2002. First Edition

Poems: Liberties Press, Dublin, 2011. First Edition

Photographs: The Lilliput Press, Dublin, 2011. First Edition


Cronin, Anthony
Poems: The Cresset Press, London, 1957. First Edition, Signed
The Life of Riley: Secker & Warburg, London, 1964. First Edition, Signed
Dead as Doornails: The Dolmen Press Dublin, 1976. First Edition Signed
A Question of Modernity: Secker & Warburg, London, 1976. First Edition, Signed
Identity Papers: Co-Op Books, Dublin, 1979. First Edition, Signed
R.M.S. Titanic: Raven Arts Press, Dublin, 1981. First Edition, Signed
Heritage Now: Brandon Books, Dingle, 1982. First Edition, Signed
New & Selected Poems: Carcanet Press, Manchester, Raven Arts Press, Dublin, 1982. First Edition
The Life of Riley: Brandon Books, Dingle, 1983.
Letter to an Englishman: Raven Arts Press, Dublin, 1985. First Edition PB. Signed

The End of the Modem World: Raven Arts Press, Dublin, 1989. First Edition
PB. Signed
No Laughing Matter {The Life and Times of Flann O’Brien}: Grafton Books,
London, 1989. First Edition, Signed
No Laughing Matter {The Life and Times of Flann O’Brien}: Grafton Books,
London, 1989. First Edition

Relationships: New Island Books, Dublin, 1994. First Edition, Signed
Samuel Beckett-the Last Modernist: Harper Collins, London, 1996. First
Edition, Signed
Personal Anthology: New Island Books, 2000. First Edition {PB} Signed
Collected Poems: New Island Books, Dublin, 2004. First Edition {Wraps}

The Fall: New Island, Dublin, 2010. First Edition PB


Cronin, John
The Anglo-Irish Novel Volume One -The Nineteenth Century: The Appletree
Press, Belfast, 1980. First Edition
The Anglo-Irish Novel Volume Two 1900-1940: The Appletree Press, Belfast, 1990. First Edition


Cunningham, Peter
The Taoiseach- Power, Whatever the Cost: Hodder Headline, Dublin, 2003  First Edition


Curran, John Philpot

The Speeches: James Duffy, Dublin, 1845. Ex. Lib, with memoir by Thomas Davis


Curtis, Tony
The Shifting of Stones: Beaver Row Press, Dublin,1986. First Edition-No DJ
Behind the Green Curtin: Beaver Row Press, Dublin, 1988. First Edition

The Well in the Rain: Arc Publications, Todmorden U.K., 2006. First Edition


Daiken, Leslie {1912-1964}
Out She Goes: The Dolmen Press, Dublin, 1963. First Edition


Ita Daly

Ellen: Jonathan Cape, London, 1986. First Edition


Dawe, Gerald
The Lundys Letter: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1985. First Edition, Signed

Heart of Hearts: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 1995. First Edition, Signed
Points West: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2008. First Edition, Signed

My Mother City: Lagan Press, Belfast, 2007. First Edition, Signed
Catching the Light-Views & Interviews: Salmon Press, County Clare, 2008.
First Edition PB

Earth Voices Whispering-An Anthology of Irish War Poetry-1914-1945: The Blackstaff Press, Belfast, 2008.

First Edition, Signed

The World as Province: Lagan Press, Belfast, 2009. First Edition, Signed

Country Music: Starling Press, Belfast, 2009. First Edition, Signed


Day Lewis, Cecil {1904-1972}
Collected Poems: Jonathan Cape, London, 1954. First Edition

The Whispering Roots: Jonathan Cape, London, 1970. First Edition


Deane, Seamus
Reading in the Dark:: Jonathan Cape, London, 1996. First Edition, 7th Printing, Signed


De Bhaldraithe, Tomás

English-Irish Dictionary: Oifig an tSoláthair, Baile Átha Chliath, 1959. An Chéad Chló


De Courcy, J.W.
The Liffey in Dublin: Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 1996.First Edition


Delaney, Eamon

The Casting of Mr. O’Shaughnessey, Bloomsbury, London, 1995.

First Edition An Accidental Diplomat: New Island Books, Dublin, 2001. First Edition PB


Delaney, Frank

A Walk in the Dark Ages: Guild Publishing, London, 1989. First Edition


De Paor, Liam
Portrait of Ireland-Ireland Past & Present: Rainbow Publications Ltd., Ireland, 1985. First Edition

Landscapes with Figures: Four Courts Press Ltd., Dublin, 1998. First Edition


De Paor, Louis
Ag Greadadh Bás sa Reilig/Clapping in the Cemetery: Cló Iar-Chonnachta, Indreabhán, Conamara,

2005. An Chéad Chló


De St. Jorre, Johnl/Shakespeare, Brian
The Patriot Game: Hoclder & Stoughton, 1973. First Edition


Dillon, Éilis {1920-1994}
Across the Bitter Sea: Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1973. First Edition, Signed

Blood Relations: Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1978. First Edition

Citizen Burke: Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1984. First Edition

Children of Bach: Scribner’s New York, 1992. First Edition


Donleavy, J.P.
The Gingerman: McDowell Obolensky, New York, 1958. First Edition, Signed
The Gingerman, What They Did In Dublin: Random House, New York, 1961.
First Edition, Signed

A Singular Man: The Bodley Head, London, 1964. First Edition, Signed
The Saddest Summer of Samuel S: Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1967. First
Edition, Signed

Meet my Maker the Mad Molecule: Penguin, London, 1967. PB
The Beastly Beatitudes of Baithazar B: Delacorte Press, New York, 1968. First
Edition, Signed
The Onion Eaters: Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1971. First Edition, Signed
A Fairy Tale of New York: Delacorte Press, New York, 1973. First Edition,
The Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman: Allen Lane, London, 1978. First
U.K. Edition, Signed
Schultz: Book Club Associates, London, 1980. First Edition, Signed
J.P. Donleavy’s Ireland- In all her Sins and in some of her Graces: Viking,
London, 1986. First Edition
A Singular Country: Ryan Publishing, Great Britain, 1989. First Edition,

That Darcy, That Dancer, That Gentleman: Atlantic Monthly Press, New York,
1991. First Edition
The Lady who liked Clean Rest Rooms: Little Brown & Co., London, 1997.
First U.K. Edition Signed
The Collected Short Pieces: Viking, London & New York, 1997. First Edition,
Wrong Information is being given out at Princeton: Little Brown & Co.,
London, 1998. First Edition
Visions in the Vernacular: Damien Matthews Fine Art, Molesworth Gallery,
Dublin, 2008. Donleavy Exhibition of Paintings, Catalogue signed by the author.


Donoghue, Emma
Stir-Fry: Hamish Hamilton, London, 1994. Soft Cover with DJ

Hood: Hamish Hamilton, London, 1995. First Edition
Poems between Women: Columbia University Press, 1997. First Edition

Room: Little Brown, New York, 2010. First American Edition


Donoghue, Denis
Thieves of Fire: Faber & Faber, London, 1973. First Edition, Ex. Lib.
We Irish: University of California Press, 1986. First Edition PB
Warrenpoint: Jonathan Cape, London, 1991. First Edition


Dooley, Terence
The Decline of the Big House in Ireland: Wolfhound Press, Dublin, 2001. First


Dorgan, Theo

What This Earth Cost Us: Dedalus Press, Dublin, 2008. First Edition


Downey, James

In My Own Time: Gill & Macmillan, Dublin, 2009. First Edition


Doyle, Paddy
The God Squad: Raven Arts Press, Dublin, 1988. First Edition


Doyle, Roddy
The Commitments: Minerva , London, 1991. PB Signed
The Snapper: Secker & Warburg, London, 1990. First Edition, Signed
The Van: Secker & Warburg, London, 1991. First Edition, 2’ Imp. Signed
Brownbread and War: Secker & Warburg, London, 1992, First Thus, PB
The Barrytown Trilogy: Secker & Warburg, 1992..
Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha: Secker & Warburg, London, 1993. First Edition, Imp. Signed
The Commitments: Minerva, London, 1994. PB Signed
The Woman who walked into Doors: Viking, London, 1996. First Edition, Signed
A Star Called Henry: Jonathan Cape, London, 1999. First Edition, Signed
Rory & Ita: Jonathan Cape, London, 2002. First Edition, Signed
Oh, Play that Thing: Jonathan Cape, London, 2004. First Edition, Signed

Paula Spencer: Jonathan Cape, London, 2006. First Edition, Signed

The Deportees: Jonathan Cape, London, 2007. First Edition

Bull Fighting: Jonathan Cape, London, 2011. First Edition


Dudley Edwards, Ruth
Patrick Pearse, The Triumph of Failure: Poolbeg Press, Dublin, 1990. PB

The Anglo-Irish Murders: Harper Collins, London, 2000. First Edition


Duffaud, Briege
A Wreath upon the Dead: Poolbeg Press, Dublin, 1993. First Edition


Dungan, Myles
The Stealing of the Irish Crown Jewels: Town House, Dublin, 2003, First Edition
How the Irish Won the West: New Island Books, Dublin, 2006. First Edition


Dunn, Douglas

Two Decades of Irish Writing-a Critical Survey: Carcanet, Cheshire, 1975. First Edition


Dunne, Lee
Ringleader: The Molendinar Press, Glasgow, 1981. First Edition


Dunne, Sean {1956-1995}
Collected Poems: Gallery Books, Loughcrew, 2005. First Edition


Dunphy, Eamon

Only a Game: Kestrel Books, Middlesex, 1976. First Edition.  Ex-Lib.


Dunsany, Lord {1878-1957}

The Man who Ate the Phoenix: Jarrold’s, London, 1949. First Edition

The Little Tales of Smethers: Jarrold’s, London, 1952. First Edition


Durcan, Paul
0 Westport in the Light of Asia Minor: Dublin Magazine Press, 1975, First Edition, Wraps

Teresa’s Bar: Gallery Books, Dublin, 1986. Revised Edition, Wraps.
Daddy, Daddy: The Blackstaff Press, 1991. {PB reprint}
Crazy about Women: The National Gallery of Ireland, 1991. {PB}
A Snail in my Prime, New and Selected Poems: Harvill/Blackstaff, London, 1993. First Edition

Christmas Day: Harvill, London, 1996. First Edition. Signed
Greetings to our Friends in Brazil: Harvill, London, 1999. First Edition PB
Cries of an Irish Caveman: Harvill, London, 2001. First Edition
Paul Durcan’s Diary: New Island Books, Dublin, 2003. First Edition PB

The Art of Life: Harvill, London, 2004. First Edition

The Laughter of Mothers: Harvill Secker, London, 2007. First Edition

Life is a Dream-40 Years Reading Poetry {1967-2007}: Harvill Secker, London, 2009, First Edition


About Durcan

The Kilfenora Teaboy edited by Colm Toibin: New Island, Dublin, 1996. Ist PB


Earl of Longford

More Poems from the Irish: Hodges & Figgis, Dublin, 1945, 2nd Imp.


Edwards, Hilton {1903-1982}

The Mantle of Harlequin: Progress House, Dublin, 1958. First Edition


Edwards, Nancy

Archaeology of Early Medieval Ireland: Batsford, London, 1990. First Edition

Archaeology of Early Medieval Ireland: Routledge, 1999. PB


Egan, Desmond
Collected Poems: Goldsmith Press, Newbridge, 1984. First Edition PB/DJ


Elliott, Marianne

Robert Emmet-The Making of a Legend: Profile Books, London, 2003. First Edition


Enright, Anne
The Wig My Father Wore: Jonathan Cape, London, 1995. First Edition

The Gathering: Jonathan Cape, London, 2007. First Edition, First Reprint.
Winner of the Booker Prize.

Taking Pictures: Jonathan Cape, London, 2008. Signed

The Forgotten Waltz: Jonathan Cape, London, 2011. First Edition


Estorick, Michael

Heirs and Graces: Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1981. First Edition



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